Dive into Okanui's Escape Journal, as we share some stories and get some insights from our inspiring community. Each month, we'll be releasing an entry from our journal as we feature various members from all over the globe, who all have one common desire; Escaping the Everyday 🌴 We're talking all types of creatives from artists, photographers, musicians, content creators and everything in between. Does this sound like you? Email us at emily@okanui.com to find out more and feature in our series.
  • Escape with Trent Sparkes

    Escape with Trent Sparkes

    In February 2022, full time traveller and part-time photographer, Trent Sparkes, decided to pack up his life and set off an unmarked journey around Australia, accompanied by a few surfboards and some camera equipment."I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work closely with brands who support/advocate a coastal lifestyle through their work or products.""One of the first things I...
  • Escape with Cami Barucci

    Escape with Cami Barucci

    Born and raised in Italy, Cami left home to travel when she was 19 and was introduced to surfing "pretty late in life", around 25 years old.Living in California for 5 years and finishing her studies in America, she craved a different lifestyle and begun her travels in Australia and finally has found a new place to call home. "I've found my paradise in Coolangatta,...
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