(03) Escape with @fewlapsaroundthesun

Escape with @fewlapsaroundthesun

"My name is Casey, the novice creative behind @fewlapsaroundthesun and my partner Zane is the legend carrying us around the country in our trusty 4wd!"

Casey and Zane were both raised in a small fishing town on the Mornington Peninsula - on the southeast coast of Victoria, Australia. 

"When we first met, we would chat for hours over our mutual longing for adventure and travel whilst we completed our studies and apprenticeship."

Both dreaming of one day living a life that strayed from the everyday 9-5, they kicked their career goals early when Zane worked hard to become a Plumber and Casey studied to become a Critical Care Registered Nurse in the ICU. 

"We spent many weekends off work in the outdoors, camping by rivers, lakes, and beaches - exploring the many inland and coastal landscapes in Victoria while dreaming and slowly prepping of one day travelling Australia and beyond. In recent years after enduring some hectic lockdowns in our home state, we had a realisation it was time to make our dreams a reality and set off on our long-awaited lap of Aus!"

What has your travel journey looked like?

We ventured off on our journey leaving our hometown in Victoria in November 2022 and followed the sunshine along the coast of South Australia, across the Nullarbor and into the Southwest coast of Western Australia where we spent our days out in the tinnie, drinking, coffee, swimming, fishing, surfing and soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible. Life on the road was a much different pace of life to the everyday hustle we were used to, and it took some adjustment for us to slow down, however we would not ever look back. We recently stopped in Perth for some work and are now ready to venture toward the northwest coast of WA!

 Any tips for people wanting to hit the road and travel around the globe?


  • Don't plan too far ahead - take things day by day
  • Being flexible and adaptable helps - things can change very quickly when traveling. 
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Don't feel guilty slowing down
  • Enjoy every moment for what they are - rain, hair or shine.
  • Respect where you are, respect the rules and keep our planet tidy for everybody to enjoy.
  • Pack lightly - you'll only need your Okanui threads ;)

What are your future plans/goals?

We haven't set much of a plan as we are taking it day by day and traveling according to the weather and what feels right for us. However, the next region we are heading is northwest WA which we are excited for lots more time in our tinnie! One thing we know for sure is we don't see this adventure ending anything soon, there is so much of this beautiful country to see and we have only scratched the surface of our journey.

How do you like to 'Escape the Everyday' - what does this mean to you?

To us, 'Escaping the everyday' means living life authentically to how you want to live it, not how society perceives you should. For us this is now living life simply on the road, being outdoors, diving into some water and making the most of every opportunity and adventure that comes our way! Follow our adventures around Aus here -

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