All Okanui Women Swimwear is meticulously crafted using REPREVE fibers spun from recycled plastic water bottles, embodying our commitment to sustainable apparel in the fashion industry. By embracing this ethos, we empower more people to escape the everyday in new and improved ways.

Repreve helps create a reprieve for the planet. Repreve is an essential ingredient in many sustainable products. Simply, it's what makes recycled fabrics-well recycled. Because Repreve contains recycled materials, including plastic bottles, it helps conserve precious natural resources. making Repreve uses less petroleum and emits fewer greenhouse gases, so its helps us lighten our impact on the planet. 

Repreve has transformed billions of recycled plastic bottles into sustainable polyester. Using cutting-edge textile technology, Repreve delivers better comfort, durability and functionality. Trusted by Okanui to power their sustainable commitments, it is the only traceable and certifiable eco-performance polyester.

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