(05) Escape With David McCredie

Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, David McCredie is a singer songwriter whose life looked very different 18 months ago. Unfulfilled by the corporate 9-5 life, David quit his job to pursue a career creating and playing music. Within 6 months David was living his dream, releasing his own music and spending his time between Byron Bay and Sydney.


Busking on the Manly Corso - tell us about it.

I love busking because you have an opportunity to share your songs with people who otherwise may never hear my music. The Manly Corso is great because so many people walk through the mall checking out the shops, many people stop, sit and listen, which is so great.

Tell us about your new song ‘True Love’ - What’s your songwriting process?

When I sat down to write this song, I wanted to paint a picture of what I hope love will look like in the future, when I find my person. It’s a song full of hope, love and sweet melodies. I think it would be so cool if someday someone played this song at their wedding. It's kinda funny when you write a song, it's your song, and when you release a song to the world, it becomes everyone else's song. So I now look forward to hearing the stories of how other people use this song in the future.


What are your future plans? Is there a goal gig you’re working towards?

I have lots of plans and dreams for the future. I'm just about to embark on an Australian Tour with my brother, which will be loads of fun, however I would love to play my music all around the world. I would love to play to rooms of people, who have connected with my songs over different times of their lives. It’s a beautiful part of music, it brings everyone together. 


What does 'Escape the Everyday' mean to you? 

I love this so much! When I quit my job 18 months ago, I didn't want to live a 'normal' 9-5 life anymore. Life is an adventure and I wanted it to feel like that. So often I would be out in the surf, or at a party and I would talk to people that are not happy with what they are doing, or they regret not taking chances when they were younger, so I thought I'd escape the corporate life, and deck out my van to live in and pursue my dream of creating and playing music. I've seen so much of our beautiful eastern coast now, and I feel so blessed to be able to make music and make a living from doing what I love. It's only been one year since I released my first song 'Too Good To Be True'. So here's to continuing to live the daydream and Escaping the Everyday life.
Make sure to follow Dave on Instagram (@dmccredie_) for all the latest on his new music, tour dates and more! 
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