(04) Escape with Paulie

Originally being a "country bumkin", Paulie moved to Noosa, QLD 2 years ago. Though she used to work as a full-time pilot, P has challenged herself over a few different areas these past few years. 

"Right now, I work at a mini farm caring for a boy with autism. He's beautiful and makes me laugh so much!"

Along with this, she's also created "a safe and supportive community in the surf" with Paulie & Friends


'Paulie and Friends' - tell us more!

Paulie and Friends was created just less than a year ago. It started out as just a couple of friends having a fun time out in the water, with big plans to create a community bringing all types of women together to support each other in and out of the water. 

Now, Paulie & Friends is about to have their very own exhibition to promote all the amazing photographers that have supported us and helped with spreading the awareness to bring people together. 


Any plans and goals you'd like to share?

My personal plans and goals are forever growing and adapting but generally I would like to be more involved in the Noosa community and bringing all types of people together. 1 in 3 people want more connection but don't know how to gain it. 

These plans carry over to P&F too. We are all about creating a community and trying out new things to enhance it.

What does it mean to 'Escape the Everyday' to you?

'Escape the Everyday' for me would mean getting off the socials and getting into nature. Whether that means surfing, rock climbing, hiking or going on a little van adventure somewhere new. I also LOVE learning new things, so when I want to escape, I do salsa, or try my bass and singing skills out. 

Make sure to head over here to keep up to date with Paulie's adventures. It's been a pleasure having her onboard this series. 

Based in or around Noosa? Click here to keep up to date with surf meet ups, events and more that Paulie & Friends has to offer. Such a great community to be a part of!

Paulie wears the Revo Joni One Piece and Em wears the Joni Blue Painted Hibiscus One Piece. 

Photos above all taken by @melissahphoto

Photos below all taken by @rosiebriersayers

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