(02) Escape with Trent Sparkes

In February 2022, full time traveller and part-time photographer, Trent Sparkes, decided to pack up his life and set off an unmarked journey around Australia, accompanied by a few surfboards and some camera equipment.

"I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to work closely with brands who support/advocate a coastal lifestyle through their work or products."

"One of the first things I noticed when discovering Okanui was not only its coastal orientation, but it's reconnection with older designs. It's beautiful to see a company who has been running for a multitude of years continue with some of their original styles & not be influenced by the rapidly altering fashion crazes. This is such a huge vantage point in today's market, as vintage style clothing is and will always be popular."

Last year, we were lucky enough to create with Trent. We sent him and his mates some products from our Spring '22 range, as they adventured, surfed and beach-hopped around Western Australia, taking some shots of their journey. 

How was the shoot? Looked epic!
This shoot was undertaken in the most stunning location West Australia has to offer, Rottnest Island. During this time we were gifted with incredible weather conditions, in which we were able to create a perfect beach day scene to depict the brand for its coastal lifestyle vibe. The shoot was taken over a two day span, which was inclusive of a boat ride, many hours of bike riding (No cars are allowed on the island) & camping through an unexpected hail storm!

What's your favourite piece from the collection?

My standout piece from the shoot would have to be the bucket hat! An absolute trophy item, mixing vintage with modernity it is an eye-catching piece which as been the topic of many conversations & prompted purchases. A must have for the summer wardrobe, it will be coming with around Australia. 

How do you Escape the Everyday?

I am a true coastline addict. There is something about the vastness and power of the ocean which makes it so relaxing and exciting. I will never be seen away from the water. When I'm not frothing out with the crew surfing, I'll be behind the lense or on the guitar. 

At Okanui, we are so stoked to have met and worked with Trent and get a little insight into his life. Thanks for your keen eye and insight into your escape!

Follow him on his journey through life via instagram here: @trentsparkes & keep up to date with his photography work here: @creatingwithsparkes

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