(01) Escape with Cami Barucci

Born and raised in Italy, Cami left home to travel when she was 19 and was introduced to surfing "pretty late in life", around 25 years old.

Living in California for 5 years and finishing her studies in America, she craved a different lifestyle and begun her travels in Australia and finally has found a new place to call home. 

"I've found my paradise in Coolangatta, QLD for the past two years and enjoy the best lifestyle in this amazing surf town; surf, work, sleep repeat". How good is that?!

When did you start surfing?
This is actually pretty funny because I always say I learned how to surf properly in Bondi, Sydney. I lived there for 2 years and I had a small room right in front of the ocean, so every morning I would check the surf, get my board and go straight to the beach. 

Bondi is not a good break. You can have good days but mostly its busy and you have to deal with A LOT of people in the water. I think this is what made the difference for me. I was learning on an average beach break, with 1635547 people trying to catch and ride the same wave - so I needed to adapt and gain extra skills like stronger paddling and better board control. I was riding a 7'6 Mini-mal at that time, and when I moved to Coolangatta I bought a longboard. That was it, I've found my style, I started to love to surf even more. 

How do you like to 'escape the everyday'?

"Escaping the Everyday" for me would mean traveling south and surfing my favourite point breaks down there. Sometimes I would check the forecast and start driving at night with some good tunes. For me, it's embracing my need of being alone, somewhere new.

Tell us a little about each suit you're wearing:

I just returned from 2 months in Indonesia (naturally in a bikini and surfing everyday) and I love the fact that I got back and I could do the same here in Australia.

Okanui's 2 pieces are my favourite: comfiest bikini I have to surf with and my favourite palette of colours, which somehow match my board perfectly! I am currently loving the bright orange and pink one peace. In the water, I like to wear something that makes me confident and comfortable at the same time, and Okanui's swim pieces always do the job for me. Before discovering Okanui I was wearing a plain black bikini, so thanks guys for adding some colours to my surf!

Photography by: @kdawg_photography


In the first three photos Cami is wearing our Hallie High Waist Bikini in Multi Floral and the matching Bandeau Bikini Top 

In the final collage Cami is wearing the Revo Joni Reversible Hibiscus Melon Pink/Melon Pink Stripe One Piece as well as the same Multi Floral matching set bikini in prior photos. 

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