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To what do you attribute your success?  
As I never lived near the beach, my parents had to drive me over to the Northern Beaches every weekend. They would stay there while I surfed all day. Literally, sunup to sundown if the surf was good. They have definitely played the most significant role in my success.
Is there one wave/surf spot you can't get out of your head? 
There are a lot, haha. In Aus, it's hard to go past Crescent Head. But if we're talking internationally, I would love to go to the Mentawai's. 
What does the future for Declan? 
Hopefully a lot more of the same! Lots of trips and lots of waves!
Finally, can you tell us how do you escape the everyday?  
I love a good road trip. Loading the vans up, travelling up and down the coast with a couple of mates. Waking up at sunrise, surfing all day, having a couple of beers around the fire at night and passing out by 8 pm. That's the dream. 
Image credit (in order of appearance) Noosa longboarding, Jenna Franklin, Daniel G Photography
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