Discover our best boardshorts yet

Since 1978 we have been working hard to produce the ultimate boardshorts for you. Back in the early years of Okanui board shorts were made from cotton material and made long to avoid discomfort when surfing. So, we went searching for the best cotton makers out there and created our classic pair of Okanui cotton boardshorts. 

Times have changed since the 70s; waterproof material has been invented. Customers are now searching for a board short that can be worn in and out of the water. After over 40 years of experience making board shorts, we are proud to say that we have now developed the ultimate board short. 

Our shorts are made from four-way stretch material and quick dry material for all-day use and comfort. Available in four new prints with two summer prints no the way, now is your time to convert yourself to the ultimate Okanui board short.

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