The JIME / Daren Dunn / Okanui Collaboration

The Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental Cadet Program (JIME) offers Indigenous students in remote and regional parts of Australia the opportunity to gain industry related employment while attending school. 

More importantly, the JIME program provides a path for Indigenous Children to gain meaningful employment keeping them connected to their communities and giving them confidence to become leaders. There are currently over 30 students participating in the JIME program across the Tiwi Islands and Cairns.

JIME is expanding the program over the next few years, with these students representing a powerful force for Indigenous Australia.

These Kids are Escaping the Everyday through the JIME program.

Watch Part 1 of our 2 Part Series Here:

Learn more about the JIME Program here.

The JIME/Daren Dunn/Okanui Collaboration

Okanui has teamed up with NAIDOC acclaimed Artist Daren Dunn to develop the JIME Collection. This collection supports of the current and future students of the JIME Program.

Okanui are donating 10% of every product from the JIME Collection back into the JIME Program.


Okanui, Daren Dunn and JIME not only created this collaboration to raise awareness of the JIME program, more importantly to provide a platform for Indigenous Australians to showcase their proud culture.  

We are excited to be supporting the JIME Program which helps the Indigenous kids in the program Escape their Everyday!