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Mens - Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Waffle - Companion - Moss
Who says that you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion? Get the new Okanui Waffle Long Sleeve T-Shirt for men. It´s made with a 65/35 blend of polyester and cotton waffle making it the perfect piece for a day of...
$69.99 $35.00
Mens - Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Waffle - Navy
This Okanui Long Sleeve Waffle Tee is as comfortable as it looks! This polyester/cotton waffle blend keeps you warm without smothering. Wear it over your favorite Okanui shirt, or alone with the option to roll up the sleeves if you´re...
Mens - Waffle Jumper - Forrest
The perfect weighted cool weather Okanui Waffle Jumper Crew, is a must have this season.  High quality, easy styling, the perfect piece to be your go to cover up this season! This polyester/cotton waffle blend will likely live on you...
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