What you should be wearing this winter

We are now heading towards the end of July, and we don't know about you, but we cannot wait for the warmer weather to return. It has been a tough few months of hovering over the heaters in the office, excessive amounts of hot drinks and struggling to get out of bed in the morning. 


The hardest thing about winter? What do you wear? It can be challenging to find clothing that will look good but also keep you warm. So, while we wait for the sunny days to return, we thought we would highlight some winter items available now in-store and online that will keep you toasty and stylish. 

  1. Okanui Hoodies 

Escape the winter and feel warm and cosy in the Okanui Hoodie range. With two styles available for purchase, the Classic logo hoodie and the Okanui surf hoodie. Made with trademark Okanui quality and style, our hoodie's will become a staple item in your winter wardrobe.   


  1. Long Sleeve Tees

The Okanui long-sleeve tees, perfect for those winter surf checks. Available in two styles, the navy carrol tee and the Okanui classic logo tee. These high-quality Okanui T-shirts made to the same quality and care as all of our Okanui Boardshorts.


  1. Classic Okanui's

Made for surfers by surfers, the classic Okanui boardies made for all weather conditions. Helping you escape the everyday these super comfy, quick-dry shorts, available in the classic long length or now available in the shorter length 17" leg.


  1. Long leg Linen pants

The Okanui 100% black linen pants are perfect for all occasions, pair with a white linen shirt or an aloha shirt. Available in-store only at Noosa, Bryon Bay & Burleigh heads.