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The Story behind the Cam Gray 'Icon' Surf Tee

If you have ever spent a day at Manly beach, you have probably seen or meet local legend Cam Gray. A prominent Manly figure, Cam has worked as a lifeguard at Manly beach for over 18 years and, has been heavily involved in the local Manly Malibu boardriders Club. You won’t ever find Cam far from the beach, spending most of his days, surfing, swimming or hanging with locals and new friends down at Manly.

Cam has also been a long supporter of Okanui, “I’ve been wearing Okanui’s me whole life” Cam told us, “it’s been around since I was a kid and there are just so many happy memories attached to the brand” he continued. We felt it fit to pay homage to this living legend and long-time friend by creating his very own Okanui shirt.


When it came to the making of the shirt, we chose an image that embodies Cam “Escaping the everyday”, the photo was taken from a surf trip he took to Java, a small island of Indonesia. Cam headed to a small coastal town with his son Java in 2017; this trip meant a lot to him as he wanted to introduce his son to a place that meant so much to him. Cam described the waves as the perfect condition “small, perfect for longboarding and not overcrowded; it was a trip of a lifetime.”


The Cam Gray icon surf tee is available online & in store now, click here to purchase and support our local legend.

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