Meet the team - Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett is the man when it comes to living the free surfing
& fun loving life everyone dreams of. Surfing runs deep in Tom's veins!
His Pop, Barry Bennett is the founder of Bennett Surfboards.
Barry started making balsa and timber surfboards under his house in 1958 and
continues to hold a well reputed brand and highly sought after boards top this day.
Barry passed his knowledge onto his son Greg, who in his own right is a talented surfer,
it was only natural for Tom to continue the passion for Surfing.
Toms stylish approach to surfing, particularly longboarding, is a well recognised silhouette around the Northern Beaches.
However, he certainly doesn't shy away from the odd (but very regular) road-trip 
up and down the coast to capture amazing images and surf perfect peelers all along the East Coast.
We are stoked to have Tom on the Okanui team and will continue support
him as he hones his skills in the craft of surfing!
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