Five activities to do during the Winter Season

As much as we like to think that winter means the end of the great outdoors for three months, here's a secret it doesn't. Yes, the days may be shorter, but as long as you put on a few extra layers, you can still enjoy the great outdoors. Here is a list of fun outdoor activities you can enjoy during the colder months: 



Go Scuba diving

Yes, you heard that right, winter can be the ideal time to discover a world beneath the surface of the ocean and create some incredible memories. Diving is suitable for most ages and guaranteed to open up a new world of adventure. Take our word for it, check out this incredible image of Jeremy Sommerville diving one of the seven wonders of the world the Great Barrier Reef. Jeremy was lucky enough to encounter a humpback whale during this expedition. The Great Barrier reef is home to countless marine wildlife and is sure to be an experience of a lifetime.  

Take a Road trip

While taking a road – trip during winter may seem odd, remember winter is low season meaning quieter campsites, towns and fewer people at some of the most beautiful sights. Meaning winter can be the ideal time to explore the wonders that Australia has to offer if you need some inspiration of where to go here try driving Sydney to Byron Bay, Sydney to the Blue Mountains, Byron Bay to Noosa heads, the Great Ocean Road or Launceston to Hobart. 



Skiing in Perisher

Go Skiing 

An obvious choice for winter activity is to head to the slopes, Australia has a short ski season from June – August, so you want to take advantage of the small window of opportunity you have. Australian snowfields offer a unique experience for skiers and boarders with fresh snow and a beautiful bushland backdrop; you will make skiing a yearly activity. With five significant snowfields to explore Thredbo NSW, Perisher NSW, Falls Creek VIC, Hotham VIC and Mount Buller VIC, try to plan your trip well in advance as these resorts can be busy during the winter season.  

Southern Lights

Witness the Southern Lights 

The Southern lights, also known as the Aurora Australis, like its northern light's sister, a natural light display that happens in the Earth's sky, is pretty remarkable. Sighting of a southern light can be rare, your best bet to witness the natural phenomena is to be as far south as possible. Tasmania is the obvious choice; you will need to aim for places away from the city lights such as Mount Wellington, Bruny Island, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park or the central highlands. There is nothing more spectacular than watching the sky light up in various shades of purple and green, 

Go Whale Watching 

With approximately 36,000 kilometres of coastline, Australia boasts no shortage of excellent places to catch a glimpse of the many species of whale that inhabit Australian waters. Every winter, tens of thousands of whales head north to escape the freezing Antarctic waters to the warm waters. You can see these majestic mammals from most lookout spots along the coastline, or you can pay for a whale-watching boat trip from all major towns and cities.