Escape the Everyday with Jackie, Designer at Okanui

With the Okanui Spring collection now available online and instore, we sat down with our head designer and production manager Jackie Smith. We wanted to find out what inspired Jackie in the making of the 2020 spring collection.  

Can you tell us what we can expect from the spring' 20 collection? 

We are excited to be bringing back some re-envisioned Okanui Classics from the vault.

What inspired the spring '20 collection?

This Spring Okanui takes us on a journey through the Sunshine coast's hinterlands to explore the lush rainforests then across to an Australia icon, The Big Pineapple! 

First stop is Buderim Forest Park where we have we have soaked up this earthy colour palette and natural aesthetic and infused it into this range. Sage green, charcoal shadows and navy blues re-create the experience walking through the rainforest to the waterfall swimming hole.  

The Big Pineapple is our next destination. Rich with heritage, like Okanui, this 70's born Australian Icon, brings smiles to the whole family and holds a sweet spot in our hearts. We thought it was only appropriate to revive one of our beloved classic vintage prints in celebrations - The Pineapple! This season you will be able to party in our pineapple revival print in our swim shorts and aloha shirts.

We are excited for our customers to experience this escape. 

Who is the spring '20 collection made for?

The Okanui Spring collection is for those who are seeking to escape the everyday, find balance and know it's important to stop and recalibrate. With this range, Okanui strives to bring a little piece of escapism into your life.  

How does the Spring' 20 collection differentiate from the previous collection?

This range we are keeping true to our love for print. Still, we are evolving and excited to be offering a few more core pieces, like our polo and embroidered logo tees which are a perfect addition to pair back with your favourite Okanui Classics! 

What are you working on next?

We are currently working on the Men's and Kid's summer collection, and I'm excited to share we are working on a new Women's range. This will be coming towards the end of the year. 

How do you escape the everyday?  

I escape the everyday by making sure I get out and go for a run by the water almost every day!


The Okanui spring collection is available online now, shop here. Stayed tuned for more about the Okanui Women collection 

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