Escape the Everyday with Jack Entwistle

Back in February, we shared the exciting news that Jack Entwistle was joining the Okanui Family.  The Australian Longboard surfer career started at Manly Beach, Australia at the ripe age of six and under the guidance of his father, 1988 World Longboard Champion, Stuart Entwistle. Since then, Jack has dedicated his life to living up to his namesake in a single-minded pursuit of a World Longboard Title. Even though his plans have been put on hold this year, due to the WSL tour being on hold, we know that Jack has a very bright and exacting future ahead. We took five minutes to escape our everyday with Jack and find out about more about this ambitious young surfer. 

Jack Entwistle

How did you get into surfing? 

I first started surfing when I was around 6, my dad got some old school nipper board and used to push me into waves, and then I tried standing upon them. My dad was 1988 World Longboard Champion, so my guess was he was trying to get me in the ocean as much as possible in the hope I would take up surfing. When I was about 8, he took me over to Hawaii to compete in the China Uemura Longboard Contest at Waikiki. It was there I fell in love with riding big heavy boards and gliding on the longest waves. 


What are you most proud of so far in your surfing career?

When I first started competing on the Longboard Tour, there were so many gnarly good guys competing that it was going to be tough to break into qualifying for the world tour. After a good 4 or 5 years competing in all the pro divisions, I finally managed to get a start at the World Longboard Championships in China. I was pretty out of my depth; it felt surreal to be surfing against all the people I have always looked up to. Back then, it was just one contest to win the world title. When I jumped on the plane to come back home from that event, I was stoked that I finally qualified to make it this far and compete against the world’s best. I think that feeling for me was a special one. I’m still on the hunt for a world title, even some ways to go, but that will be something I will hopefully get to be proud of one day soon. 


Is there one wave/surf spot you can’t get out of your head?

Very tough one, I’ve been to so many places and have had so many epic experiences. 

I’d have to say a boat trip when I was 16 to Mentawai. I’ve also had some amazing waves in Nicaragua, Bali, Taiwan and Scotland. 

Jack Entwistle, 1

Most memorable career memory?

Besides winning some big contests, I’d have to say getting the opportunity to surf pumping Malibu and Lower Trestles in heats at the Surf Relik. I mean the world’s best longboard waves with just two guys out…. (mates)


Who / What has motivated you in your career?

I’ve always looked up to the way guys like Harley Ingleby, Jarrad Neal, Dane Pioli, Ben Skinner, Bonga Perkins, Kai Sallas and others surf. Before I started competing, I used to sit at home with headphones on watching every ASP event and watch all these guys just rip. They all inspired & motivated me to improve my surfing all the time to one day beat them.

I think having a supportive family has definitely been a significant part in motivating me to compete and do better after every event. 

Jack Entwistle, 2

What do you love about Okanui?

I love that Okanui after all these years are still holding onto the roots of surfing. Okanui is such a well-known and iconic part of surfing here in Australia and around the world. 

I think you go to any surf orientated town around Australia and you’ll see someone with an old school pair of Okanui shorts, still going strong too. 

It’s great to see them keep those memories alive but also great to see them take a new approach to keep the brand alive in the well-known surfing culture we have here on the East Coast of Australia.


What is your favourite item of Okanui Clothing?

I’d have to say the stretch board rider shorts for surfing in. Just super comfortable stretch and fit super well. 

I also can’t wait to bring back the classic shorts this summer!


How do you escape the everyday? 

I like to pack the car with some of my favourite boards and go find some waves up and down the coast with my mates. It’s a nice feeling being so surfed out, having fun with your friends and enjoying a couple of beers at the end of the day. 

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