On Location: Harbord Hotel

With the launch of our NEW Spring '22 collection, we thought we'd take you through a day at one of the most beautiful venues along the Northern Beaches.. Harbord Hotel 🍹

This beachside haven is located just minutes away from Freshwater Beach and encapsulates the rich history and young spirit of the suburb, built around the surf culture of the town. The perfect place to kick back with friends & family, and unwind from lunch to sundown.

What drew us to this location? Recently relocating to the Northern Beaches, I (Emily) remember driving past Harbord Hotel while exploring the area and instantly thinking "this would be a perfect place for lunch/dinner and a drink, after a day chilling at the beach".

Little did I know that Harbord Hotel was already on the cards as a location for our recent Spring '22 Shoot 🌺 Take a look here and below to see for yourself why we were drawn to this spot.

What locations in the venue did we use and why? To create different stories and feels, we used different locations at Harbord Hotel. Our favourites spots were:


Featuring our Fleetwood Floral Aloha Shirt and Classic Stripe Linen Shirt, we wanted to capture a relaxed environment and thought this spot was a great place to mingle (and party!) with your mates… the exact vibe we wanted to capture.


We couldn't be more stoked with how these shots turned out. The lounge area helped give a more sophisticated & classy feel to showcase our NEW Womens Linen Stripe Shirt and Shorts;


For our "coffee scenes", we couldn't miss the outdoor terrace. From the vibrant yellow and white umbrellas to the timber features and tiki huts, this was the perfect place to finish of our shoot, adding to that beachy feel;

If you're all about surf culture, epic locations, food & drinks, live music and even comedy; add Harbord Hotel to your list. You can’t go wrong! A huge thanks to the team for letting us shoot and their services on the day.

Liked any products you saw? All items featured can be found online and in-store from our NEW Spring '22 Collection 🌊

Make a day of it when you're next at Freshie and check out Harbord Hotel for yourself. 

Harbord Hotel
29 Moore Rd, Freshwater NSW 2096
www.hardbordhotel.com.au | @harbordhotel

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