Meet the Team: Burleigh

Next up, we spoke with Jake (Burleigh Store Manager), Claire (Casual Sales Assistant) and Steve (E-commerce Coordinator) and asked them to dive into what it's like living and working on the Gold Coast... 

What's your favourite thing about working at Okanui?

Jake: Aside from building great relationships with our customers, we can see the ocean from our store front - so, that's a pretty big perk of working here at Okanui Burleigh Heads!
Steve: It's all family, and everyone involved truly cares about each other inside and out of the day to day workload. 

What did you get up to this long weekend break?

Claire: The long weekend was great! We had amazing weather, lots of time spent with the kids and their friends. We went and watched the Titans play Easter Sunday (Titans are our second favourite NRL team next to Manly, of course!)

What does a typical day living in Burleigh look like?

Jake: Burleigh is a great place to live. You'll be excited to start your day off in the surf, before jumping across the road and visiting Okanui (of course!). Then you'll be keen to grab a feed at any one of Burleigh's amazing venues, and then probably head back to the beach!
Steve: Gold Coast is very relaxed, especially as you get further south into Burleigh and beyond. Lots of early active people on the beaches staying fit whether it's surfing, jogging or just getting a good morning walk in. Very social, and just an overall fun place to live an active life. 

Go-to thing to see/do whilst visiting Gold Coast?

Claire: You have to visit Burleigh for the beach and the shopping, walk around Burleigh headland to Tallebudgera Creek. It's a short walk and so good for kids. Kirra beach is stunning, the theme parks for the kids, shopping at Pacific Fair, the beautiful drive to Tamborine Mountain and visit the Alpaca Farm!
Steve: Too easy. Swing by our Okanui flagship store in Burleigh for a fresh pair of Classics, and rock 'em proudly while you rip cocktails and small bites at Rick Shores. Then just let the day to you as it pleases, simply can't go wrong in this corner of the world.

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