Loving your Classic's

As a staple of our range, we’ve built our Okanui Classic’s to last. With some of our customers rocking theirs up to 25 years after purchase, our traditional prints and comfortable cotton fabric leaves no wonder that it has remained such a favourite garment of Australian families for so many years.

Sustainably made in Fiji, our Classic’s are given the same love and care from the product design all the way to your doorstep. Because we reckon that our Classic’s (like fine wine) get better with age, we’d love to share a few small secrets to give your Okanui’s the best shot at keeping fresh for good!

We don’t want to sound like we hate cotton, in fact it’s actually super comfortable, breathable and eco-friendly which we love. However, it’s common knowledge that even our favourite 100% cotton clothes can dip into the habit of shrinking in size and bleeding out their colour over time.

The shrinking of cotton will often occur in the drying process when exposed to extra heat. So, after testing for ourselves, our R&D team concluded that tumble drying in particular was a key culprit in the occurrence of shrinking cotton. 

What we found to be best is to let your Okanui’s hang on a drying rack outside to dry naturally, and, if it’s wet outside, letting them dry indoors on a towel works just fine too!

Colour running in Cotton is usually the case when garments are washed in warmer water. What we’ve found is: the warmer the water, the more the colour runs in your Classic’s! The warm water also does no favours for the shrinkage too, so the best way to extend that love for your Okanui’s is to cold wash by hand with a milder detergent. 

We found that the longer you keep your favourite Okanui’s, the more comfy they really are. So with all the love that’s gone into your favourite Classic’s, follow this simple guide and feel the love right back for many years to come 🌺🌴.

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