Back where it all began: Manly, NSW

Taking it back to where Okanui first began, back in 1978; along the Northern Beaches of Manly, NSW.

Situated dead center of the Manly Corso, we popped in store and chatted with the team on what it's like living and working in the Northern Beaches.

What is it like working at Okanui Manly?

Nell: So fun! There's almost always people out and about which makes work great. We have a big beautiful store which keeps us busy but also creates a great atmosphere. People are always friendly and I've met so many people from all over the world as it is such a big tourist destination. I also love our Okanui Manly team!

Charli: Okanui Manly is a super friendly environment where you get to experience people from all walks of life, who are either visiting or living in Manly. 

Ella: Simply fun. The people you work with are a blast to be around and the customers that come in are always full of surprises and tell the best travel stories. 

Belinda: Having only started here three weeks ago, I have to say I am feeling right at home - and is there a better way to start your day then walking to work along one of the most iconic beaches in Australia? 



The best thing about living here is:

Marcus: you're always within a short walk or drive from a beach, as well as all the great restaurants to find!

Ella: I've been living in Manly since day dot so you could consider me a local. The best (and seriously underrated) thing about living in Manly is the winter sunrises and sunsets, when the crowds are left to a minimum. It is the best way to start your morning, or finish off a day with a swim or surf.

Nell: The beach and laid back lifestyle. I also love that I can ride my bike everywhere, including work!

Ted: The different waves on offer.

Your go-to Okanui swim piece? What's your favourite?

Marcus: The Classic Navy Hibiscus Short Shorts!

Charli: Sliding Tri Swim Top and Tie Side Swim Bottom, and probably in Hibiscus Pale Pink!

Belinda: This is a tough one - so many favs, but probably the Cross Over One Piece in Hibiscus Navy.

Ted: The Hibiscus Navy Tonal Boardriders! I also really like the longer legged board shorts; the Classics



What's the number one thing you suggest people must see/do whilst visiting the area?

Ella: SURF! No matter your level of experience, there is a wave for everyone. That and the Butterboy cookies down the Corso from us a few doors are incredible. Grab a cookie and come get into some new Classics!

Nell: The North Head Walk and of course a swim along Bower/Shelly beach! It is a must, no matter how cold!

Ted: I always like to say, if people want to see a lot of Australian wildlife, to go to the basin camp grounds. 

Charli: The number one thing people must see when visiting the area is to go surfing at least once; if it means getting a lesson or not! Also going to the famous Manly Corso for a walk and ice cream.

Marcus: Go for a short walk to Shelly Beach and check out all the wildlife that lives there. 

Belinda: Well you definitely need to call into Okanui on the Corso to grab yourself some new swim wear or a tee before you head to the beach... of course!


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