A Glimpse into 'Rear-view Mirror' - Autumn/Winter 23

A glimpse into 'Rear-view Mirror'

Okanui's seasonal collection 'Rear-view Mirror' has been crafted with a strong emphasis on nostalgia; featuring iconic prints and classic colours that pay homage to our heritage. 

A simple, wearable and uncomplicated reflection of the past. This range encourages you to take those comfortable items you wear everyday, thrown on an extra layer and hit the road. 

At Okanui, we pride ourselves in quality and durability with our garments; heavy cotton drill over-shirts and fleece layering pieces. Colours are natural and wearable with pops of pink and bright blue. 

T-shirt prints exude a sense of escapism and simplicity. A nod to the postcards and souvenirs picked up in small coastal towns we've all grown to love and long to visit surrounding our beautiful country.

Drawing inspiration from a revived yearning for travel and a return to simple times, 'Rear-view Mirror' is a collection that embodies the classic Okanui spirit of adventure. 

Get amongst it as we come into Autumn. Plan that vacation, and look back in your rear-view mirror with a new found sense of freedom. Escape the everyday with Okanui's newest collection.
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