Escape the Everyday with these activities

Here at Okanui encourage the lifestyle of Escaping the everyday, we understand that it is essential for our mental health to take for ourselves. You can Escape the Everyday anyway you like, you can watch the sunrise, go for coffee or take the dog for a walk. For all of us here at Okanui we love to take to exercise daily, and this help us to escape the everyday, below is exercises we aim to do (not all of them), and we hope this helps inspire you.


It’s no secret that we love surfing, longboarding to be more specific. The Okanui story began when our founder Dick Ash made his first pair or board shorts out of canvas bags. Surfing is a perfect way to escape the everyday; there is no better feeling than diving into the ocean and washing away the worries of the day.



Your first bushwalk should leave you pleasurably weary and eager for more, one of the joys of bushwalking is escaping life’s everyday hassles and enjoying new surroundings. We are lucky here in Australia to have an abundance of walks to choose from; we suggest you head to our local, national park and enjoy what nature has to offer.


Not a conventional daily exercise activity but trust when we say this is excellent to escape everyday life. If you are lucky enough to live near the ocean or lake we would highly recommend investing in a kayak or hiring one; it is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors whilst giving your arms a great work out.


We know running can often be a daunting and strenuous exercise; however, the feeling you get from completing a run is no better. Most runners say that they run because it is a way to get away from the demands and stresses of their regular life. You also have no excuses with running, just put on your runners and get going!


A phenomenon that has taken over the last five years is Yoga, it seems that everyone is now turning to Yoga to help with flexibility, reduce risk of injury and to reduce stress levels. An easily accessible for beginners and can be a great way to keep your mental health in check. Yet again, Yoga is a no-excuse exercise; you can head to class, gym to practice or roll out your mat at home to practice.


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